Monday, May 3, 2010

long delayed posting

Well, well, well...
We all get busy, and I was no exception - being very busy drinking wines and not tasting wines! So now I have more notes than I know what to do with.
Let's talk about ALSACE... a wonderfully rugged part of North-Eastern France, although it used to be a part of Germany prior to World War I. Alsace has an immense diversity of terroir, including calcareous & lots and lots of granite. True, true - there are a myriad soil types, but, I mention the two I like the most in a white wine.
Which brings me to the particular part of Alsace we're tasting today - Pfaffenheim. No grand crus today, just the appelation's "vin-du-table".
clear visual
  • pale yellow centre (think light Meyer lemon)
  • moderate+ legs (13.5%)

clean nose; moderate++ intense notes of

  • mineral terroir (granite here I believe - and shist?>)
  • clean, sun-baked, straw
  • vanilla - oak (moderate)
  • slightly fungally mushroom (think button or crimini)

clean palate; 0 dryness, moderate++ acid, 0 tannin, moderate+ flavors of

  • stonefruit
  • oak (again, moderate-)
  • minerality
  • lightly floral such as dandelion
  • slight exotic notes of pineapple & guava

moderate body, full- alcohol, excellent palate!

This was an utter delight to drink. Bring it out at 3 in the afternoon when it hits 25C and sip in the long sunlight of Summer. Crisp acids delight the palate with rich fruit and floral. Wonderful on it's own, and we tried it paired with grilled chicken *(on the bone) and a light artichoke salad.

2008 Pfaffenheim Pinot Gris (haut-rhin) France **BUY THIS NOW@ under $20



clean visual

  • moderately intense lemony yellow with hints of gold
  • moderate+ legs (same alcohol of 13.5%)

clean nose; moderate+ intense notes

  • stonefruit
  • still has that granitey mineral terroir showing through
  • more floral including several types of roses
  • some rich exotic fruit with melon and pineapple showing well

clean palate; 0 dryness, moderate+ acids, 0 tannin, moderate+ intense flavors of

  • the same as the nose!
  • stonefruit & exotics still predominant
  • terroir is in the background keeping balance
  • some beautiful floral keeps long on the palate

moderate+ body, full- alcohol, excellent structure!

Once again, for under $20 this is really hard to beat. True enough, minerality is personal taste, and I adore the minerality of Alsace. Crisp acids balance out the rich fruitiness, the floral in this is of course stronger than in the Pinot Gris, but actually moderate compared to many other Gewurztraminers. Beautiful sipping wine (watch the alcohol), Thyra & I had it with Thai food and it was a joy.

2008 Pfaffenheim Gewurztraminer (haut-rhin) France **BUY THIS NOW @ under $20

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