Saturday, May 22, 2010

late harvest wine

A chill is in the air... spring winds are blowing the rain down from the local mountains and my wife & I are huddled up at home. The fireplace has a little crackle, the TV is glowing with the warmth of Grey's Anatomy, and I have a glass of late harvest wine.
A little plug here for, surprise surprise, the BCLCB. I really like going into my local speciality store now; the staff are incredibly helpful, the selection is immense, and there seems to be something for any occasion. Well it's true that I like a deal when it comes to wine, and every so often I even seem to find them (now) at the BCLCB. Case in point - this wine!
clear visual;
  • light liquid honey/straw color
  • slight greenish tinge from the Sauvignon Blanc
  • huge glossy legs indicative of massive sugars

clean nose; fully intense bouquet of

  • citrus peel from the Sauv Blanc; lemon, mandarin orange, lime
  • layers of honeyed rose petal from the 15% Gewurztraminer
  • ripe orchard fruits: gala apples & Anjou pears
  • ultra rich background of apricots (fresh & dried)

clean palate; 6 sweetness, moderate++ acids, 0 tannin, fully intense flavors of

  • absolutely the same as the nose
  • I must add the Gewurztraminer in the blend is so rich it's reminiscent of Muscat

full bodied, moderate alcohol (a touch warm and spicy like candied ginger), excellent structure

This is a tremendous wine. I can't say enough good things about it, except: buy it. Buy it now. Buy alot of it and drink a bottle every 6 months until you run out. Then buy another vintage. Have you bought it yet?

2007 Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc (Errazuriz Estates) **BUY THIS NOW @ $15**

Casablanca Valley, Chile

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