Sunday, May 23, 2010

great wines of Langley

Spring? Summer? Spring? Winter? What chaotic weather. Last night the wife and I were shivering in front of a fire, drinking a Late Harvest wine... today it's cool breezes but lots of water falling from the sky and everything looking green (except the sky which is grey). Tomorrow is supposed to be over 20C with bright sunny skies.
Well what wine is a chef supposed to pair with his food? I decided to go as local as local could ever go, and with our chipotle and roasted corn chowder I served this:
clear visual;
  • pale lemony - straw centre
  • light watery rim
  • moderate - legs indicating alcohol about 11.5-12% (actually 12.5%)

clean nose; moderate++/full- intense aromas of

  • exotic florals start the nose (from the small amount of Muscat)
  • exotic fruits of pineapple & candied banana
  • vanilla & butterscotch

clean palate; 0 dryness, moderate++ acids, 0 tannin, full flavors of

  • soft and full-mouthed lemony acids open the palate
  • balanced by some residual exotic fruit sugar (from the Gewurztraminer I think)
  • long lingering touches of vanilla & more citrus including some lime zest

moderate+ body, moderate alcohol (but very soft & deceptive), very good structure

A wine to be enjoyed at the beginning of a meal, this will open the palate and ease it into whatever meal you may be settling into. Try this with a grilled scallop & fine herb salad frisee!

2008 7-Blanc blend (Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer, Muscat)

by Township 7, Langley (& Naramata), BC *good value @ $18

Later on tonight I think I'll make caramelized pineapple & bananas on vanilla frozen yogurt, so what to pair? Local wine of course!


clear visual;

  • very pale straw centre
  • watery rim
  • moderate legs indicating alcohol about 12% (12.5% actual)

clean nose; fully intense notes of

  • rich Gewurztraminer-like roses & stonefruit
  • ripe peaches, apricots
  • orchard fruit especially over-ripe pears (Bosc especially)
  • more floral on top of the rose... wild prarie flowers

clean palate; 0 dryness, moderate++/full- acids, 0 tannin, fully intense flavors of

  • stonefruit especially green peaches
  • some flavors of red cherry mid-palate
  • long soft lemony citrus with a touch of grapefruit

moderate body, moderate alcohol, good structure

This is a well balanced wine, but. But make sure you pair it with northern French cusine... coquilles-st-jacques with this wine would be a dream, where as anything tomato based may in fact be a bit off kilter (unless thats a tomato and goat cheese ravioli). Bon Appetit!

2008 Siegerrebe (born from Gewurztraminer and Madeline D'Angevine)

by Domaine de Chaberton, Langley, BC **Good buy @ $20

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