Monday, May 17, 2010

a Gamay Noir by another other name...

would still smell of over-ripe tomatoes?
So Gamay Noir is the varietal and Beaujolais is the place (and the wine from that appellation of France). I still have a tough time deciphering between New World Gamay, Old World Beaujolais and Grenache/Garnacha, but, I'm getting there. Along the way I am having a lovely time getting to know some beautiful wines.
In Beaujolais (the appellation) there is a vineyard on the side of an ancient volcano. The volcano is, of course, worn down to a snub little hill, but the soil remains volcanic in nature. All sorts of wonderful and exotic things can happen to wine when it has the happy circumstance of being grown in a place like this.
clear visual;
  • pale garnet centre
  • slight strawberry/brick rim indicating little age
  • moderate legs indicating alcohol around 11-12% (12.5% actual)

clean nose; moderate+ intense notes of

  • rich terroir - a minerality I can't explain readily
  • creamy lush baie rouges, especially ripe strawberries and perhaps black raspberries
  • floral notes of iris (I second guessed myself on this) and the winemaker says "peonies"

clean palate; 0 dryness, full- acid, moderate++ tannin, moderate intense flavors of

  • those red berries again
  • terroir that I originally called "gravelly" but later upon reading about the winery discovered was tasting the volcanic soil
  • oak upon oak - the winemaker says only 6 months, but with such a moderate bodied wine and thin skinned grape - 6 months is heavy oaking (IMHO)

moderate body, moderate+ alcohol (I found it a bit hot for only 12.5%) and a very good structure

Big acids are balanced by big tannins, but... but I still think these tannins are interfering with the fruit being able to show themselves to their best. I would wait at least 6 months to a year before trying this vintage again. I found it excellent with out antipasto platter, and could imaine it in a year or 3 with a smoked pork shoulder on an aged cheddar dauphinoise.

2007 Cote de Brouilly (Beaujolais)

(from Chateau Thivin - Les Sept Vignes - Odenas, France)

** wonderful buy @ $20

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