Monday, May 10, 2010

a beer by any other name...

So I know the blog is supposed to be about wine, but...
Some of you may know that I am a celiac (allergic to gluten, ie: wheat, barley, etc). This means that I can't drink regular beers, and for an Irishman that's just mean. So what am I to do you ask?
Normal I drink cider now. I am fortunate enough to have access here in Vancouver to all sorts of world-class ciders (Magners for instance), and if that were not enough, I have an excellent friend who is one of the only certified Master Cider Makers in BC. Ohh, if I ever needed an excuse to drink cider - that would be one of them. Not to mention that pretty much all gluten-free beer is either (a) shite, (b) expensive or (c) both.
Not a big incentive to drink g-f beer.
However, it seems as though someone has challenged my preconceptions!
clear visual;
  • moderate amber color with a hint of rust

clean nose; moderate+ intense notes

  • almost "hoppish"
  • clean hay/straw
  • slight vanilla

clean palate; moderate+ intense flavors

  • crisp and clean forefront on the palate
  • a touch of pepperiness
  • an almost "Pilsner" quality to the long bite on the end of the palate

moderate- body, moderate alcohol, great structure

I would serve this any Summer day to anyone and if they like Pilsner, they would love this! This beer shows immense quality and craftsmanship and is a true drinking pleasure for anyone who loves finesse and strength in their brew. Pair it with grilled meats, or just a plate of summer sausage and cheddar with maybe some smoked fish on the side (try smoked Northern Pike if you can get it - smoked trout will work as well).

Bard's, "The Original Sorghum Malt Beer", Utica, New York **buy this @ $18/6-pack

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