Monday, May 17, 2010

bubbly anyone? what about Cava?

what a decadent thing is a glass of bubbly wine... it simply states luxury, wealth, something sinful. How much better can it get, then, when you spend less than $20?
When I used to think of bubbly wines, I either thought of the cheap stuff teenage girls drank that tasted like "Pop" brand pop with vodka, or else I thought of my father hoarding a bottle for my parent's anniversary and it was savored like liquid gold. Never did I imagine there was such a wealth of diversity in between.
Spain has been making bubbly wines (called Cava) for centuries. And they make them well. Very, very well. How well you ask? So well that Mr Robert P. himself gave the following wines 90 points. Nice to know I share at least something in common with The Man.
clear visual;
  • moderate strawberry or pale garnet centre
  • thin watery rim
  • moderate legs indicating 12% alcohol (11.5% actual)

clean nose; moderate+ intense notes of

  • baies rouges (young fresh strawberry, raspberry, red cherry)
  • melon
  • lush floral, almost like roses and lilies (are those peonies again?)
  • austere terroir with a touch of minerality

clean palate; 0 dryness, moderate+ acid, 0 tannin, moderately intense flavors of

  • young, lush red & black cherry
  • rose like floral notes again
  • ** austere terroir** I don't know how else to explain this very lean flavor
  • vaguely muscato with it's back palate of lush fruit

moderate++ body (the bubble are soft, creamy and small), moderate alcohol (drinks wonderfully at 11-12C), very good structure

This wine screams apero to me, the time between ending work and starting the dinner meal. What a wonderful way to open the palate after too much coffee and too little excitement! And is this co-incidence??? Vintner's Brunch this year started out with just that very same idea!

N/V Siguar Viudas rose Cava, Torrelavit, Spain **Buy this now @ $22**

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