Sunday, May 30, 2010

Finca Los Primos (wines under $10)

Another rainy weekend in YVR (Vancouver), and little to do but clean the house, build a fire and drink some wine. Well, maybe not that bad of a weekend after all!
I had walked past Finca Los Primos many times in the Argentinean aisle many times in the wine store... I'm not one to usually buy $10 wines. It's not that I don't love a good deal, because I most assuredly do, it's just that I hate spending $10 and then finding out I bought cooking wine. In fact, my dear old Dad would say "Don't buy cooking wine that you can't drink whilst you cook.". Good advice Dad.
I adore Argentinean wines; they are rich, full-bodied, and intense value for the money. I could sing the praises of many wineries from there right now - but I'll talk about Finca instead. All I can say is how much I would love to go there and visit the Bianchi family ( ), and try the wines they don't export to Canada. I have the feeling that in the USA, these wines would retail about $4-$5. Maximum.
2009 Finca Los Primos Syrah (San Rafael, Argentina) $10 *NMCT (not my cuppa tea)
  • deep, rich garnet color
  • thin, acidic blackberry notes on the nose - some terroir
  • moderate acids, moderate chewy tannins, fruit forward with back palate of chalk & blackberry... spicy finish
  • this wine gets better the longer you leave it open. Do yourself a favor and open it the day before you plan to drink it

2009 Finca Los Primos Malbec (San Rafael, Argentina) $10 *good value

  • deep ruby/garnet color
  • surprising well balanced nose of blackberry/cherry, light red currant, oak, terroir
  • moderate- acids, moderate+ reasonably smooth tannins, flavors of cherry, oak, leather, tobacco, even a touch of floral
  • I opened this wine 2 days ago the put the top back on. Taste and nose have soften, richened - I would and will gladly drink this wine now. 2 days ago I would have cooked with it only under duress

2008Finca Los Primos Cabernet Sauvignon (San Rafael, Argentina) $10 *good value

  • deepest richest black garnet color
  • nose of chalky terroir, old leathery oak, pencil shavings, dusty plums
  • moderate- acids, moderate+ slightly chewy tannins, big palate full of red berries, some black fruit, the oak really showing throughout... alcohol is a touch warm, but also is 14% - don't serve with spicy food or the alcohol will seem even hotter
  • totally decent wine! I have to thank John Schreiner ( ) who often will leave a less expensive wine open for a few days to see what develops. Smart man!

If this is a sample of what I can buy in BC (with it's huge liquor taxes) for $10, then I really do need to go to San Rafael!


  1. This was not helpful or accurate. Read the other reviews of the Malbec. Yours is the anomaly. I love it.

  2. not sure why you don't find my view accurate... I wrote what I thought at the time, and just like you - I quite enjoy the wine at the $10 (ish) price-range. I recommend it for that price.