Tuesday, May 11, 2010

2 oz tasters!

What a joy it is to go to a restaurant or wine bar and be able to order 2oz tasters of wine - thus being able to sample a mulititude without the heavy onus on the wallet (or the liver for that matter).
The wonderful people at JOEY's (Burrard) have such a thing, and it is a marvel to behold. The largest selection of wines in Western Canada (I believe) in their electronic pouring system - if memory serves they have something in the range of 15 to 18 wines by the glass or by the 2 oz taster. Perhaps this means a regular visit to JOEY's?? Oh yes, perhaps so.
clear visual;
  • deep ruby centre
  • slight strawberry rim
  • moderately strongs legs (12%+ my guess - 13.5% actual)

clean nose; moderate++ or full- intense notes of

  • hot alcohol!
  • moderate oaking & leather
  • ripe red cherries
  • a bit of gaminess to it

clean palate; 0 dryness, moderate- acid, moderate++ to full- tannin, moderately intense flavors of

  • chalky gravel
  • moderate++ oaking (18 months?)
  • baies rouges (those ripe red cherries again and a touch of currant)
  • blackberry and saskatoon
  • dark chocolate at the end of the palate

moderate++ body, modrate++ alcohol, full palate

This wine had long, chewy tannins with a rich & fully developed flavor. Even with the tannins as big as they were, they didn't get in the way of the crisp red fruit. I say: Enjoy now and buy a few more bottles to open every 6 months - savor the development of an excellent wine.

2007 Barone Ricasoli Chianti (Tuscany, Italy)


clean visual;

  • moderate garnet centre
  • clearly defined moderate strawberry/brick rim
  • heavy legs (my guess 13.5%+ - actual was 14.5%)

clean nose; moderate++ intense aromas of

  • ripe strawberries and cherries
  • light floral scents
  • slight tinge of iron (the terroir?)
  • hot alcohol again

clean palate; 0 dryness, moderate++ acid, full- tannin, moderately intense flavors of

  • all the same as above
  • the oaking seems moderate++ (12 months new oak at least I would guess)
  • the iron comes through more on the palate

moderate body, moderate alcohol (but it feels hot!), full palate

Why are the acids soooo high?? This wine has a lovely, rich flavor - but I feel like I'm drinking it prematurely. The acids and tannins are still too predominant (IMHO) and overwhelm the fruit - though the terroir still has a chance to show. I would wait another 2 years before I even opened anpother bottle - but with the structure I can imagine this being an incredible wine (later on).

2006 Usseglio Chateauneuf du Pape (Rhone, France)


clear visual;

  • moderate garnet centre
  • slight cherry rim
  • moderate- legs (my guess was 11-12% but actual was 14%!)

clean nose; moderate- intense aromas of

  • black plum
  • floral such as lilies or irises
  • moderate leathery oak (9 to 12 months I would guess)
  • light mushroom

clean palate; 0 dryness, moderate acids, full- tannins, moderately intense flavors of

  • baies rouges
  • chalky, rough, chewy tannins
  • cigar box
  • green apple - very intense

moderate body, moderate++ alcohol (but very soft on the mouth), long and developed palate

Once again, (IMHO), the overwhelming tannins really get in the way of the fruit. This of course could be stylistic - or because it's meant to be enjoyed with food rather than on it's own, or it's a touch too young, or any number of things. The bottom line to me was that I didn't want more than 2 oz. 2 oz and I got a great taste of something new - but more than that and my palate would have crashed on itself...

2007 Pesque "Terrases" Cotes-du-Ventoux (Rhone, France)

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