Sunday, May 30, 2010

BC Uncorked! A wine event in the tri-cities

Port Moody is known for many things: the scenery of Anmore, or Buntzen Lake, walking along the inlet, or a pint at The St James Well (one of the best kept food secrets of YVR). What it is not known for is the wine-scene. That, too, shall change.
BC Uncorked is an event organized by fellow wine-guy John Gerum ( ). If you haven't had the chance to checkout his new wineshop - he is currently running and sommelier for the St John Liquor Store ( ) which has a fantastic selection of classic and hard-to-find wines, ales, ciders & hard alcohols. So BC Uncorked was over 30 wineries and over 100 wines (much more if you ask me) and a really wonderful showcase for all that BC has to offer. I'll try to break this into manageable pieces!
Gehringer Wines ( ), "Golden Mile", Oliver, BC
2009 Sauvignon Blanc $18 *good value
  • a really refreshingly citrus & floral nose
  • high acids, but well balanced when served @ the right temperature. Lots of minerality and citrus notes
  • I thought this was a great wine to serve with your brie type canapes at the start of a meal, or white fish (think local sole) with a light cream sauce

2008 Riesling $15.50 *very good value

  • light stonefruit nose with notes of orange blossoms
  • moderate+ acids with rich mouth feel, very good body and flavors of lemony-rosehips
  • brilliant summer wine! opens the palate and makes it want more - try with Moroccan style grilled chicken

2008 Ehrenfelser $15.50 *very good value

  • light to moderate Muscat styles nose, meaning lots of exotic florals and rich fruit notes
  • moderate+ acids, really wonderful because that acid balances the rich flavors of lush stone and exotic fruit. Think over-ripe peaches & nectarines, some melon, guava, papaya

These are wonderful, world-class wines. You need look no further than their impressive list of local and international awards to see that whilst we in BC may or may not recognize the level of craftsmanship we have - the rest of the world is certainly taking notice. I look forward to tasting more of this impressive work.

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