Monday, May 10, 2010

fruit wines?

Well, I've given myself a new directive... because I now have about 10 wines waiting to be documented into the blog, I will buy no more wine until all of my notes are done!
Not to mention I simply can't afford it (lol).
But lucky me, I do have people around me who gift me with wines and such every so often just to hear what I have to say. That brings me to today, and fruit wines.
I have to be honest and say that, for the most part, I'm not terribly interested in fruit wines. I find quite often that they lack balance and strongly defined structure, and - as I'm a fan of red wines - I miss the tannins. There have been exceptions! There is a great fellow up near Summerland (Okanagan, BC) who makes a truly delightful pumpkin wine. It honestly tastes like the most velvety pumpkin brulee... sinful, and not overly sweet. He sells out every year.
So notable expections to one side, I am not a fan. Sometimes, I can be surprised though!
clear visual;
  • moderately intense gold centre
  • pale, watery rim
  • thick, glossy legs

clean nose, moderate+ intense notes of

  • rich apple
  • vanilla
  • butterscotch
  • floral background, almost rose-like

clean palate, 10 sweetness, moderate+ acid, 0 tannin, moderate+ intense flavors of

  • intense golden delicious apple flavors
  • caramel - butterscotch - vanilla
  • more floral notes lingering on the palate, rose and something more wild
  • honey and more honey

full- body, moderate alcohol (11%), good structure

This, for all the world, tasted to me like an iced apple cider. As such, I thought it was very well made, and enjoyed it over several days. It was wonderful at the end of a meal on it's own, or with some fresh fruit. I don't think I would serve it alot, but then again, I don't serve alot of any iced wines. I am much more of a spirit man at the end of a meal (aged rum, cognac) or a fortified wine. That being said, I can see myself buying this in the future as much for the quality of the product as for the uniqueness of serving an iced apple wine from the Similkameen Valley!

2008 Iced Orin, Rustic Roots Winery (Similkameen Valley, BC)

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