Sunday, April 25, 2010

big beautiful Bordeaux blends

What is a Bordeaux blend?
OMG can of worms. A Bordeaux blend is a blend of 2 or more of the 6 varietals grown in Bordeaux. Makes sense right? Except now it's not 6 it's 5 because Carmenere is not grown in Bordeaux anymore except for a few eccentrics. Oh - and the blend changes every year because of a myriad of factors affecting the vines and the grapes.
So. So it's also the term (loosely used) for anyone who is blending a multiple of varietals to create a wine with greater depth.
In other words, Bordeaux blends are alot of work, every year - and as my Grandmother may have said once "the proof is in the pudding". IE; work hard at making a beautiful blend of 70% Cab Sauv, 15% Cab Franc and 15% Merlot - and you will have something infinitely superior than when you started out.
Sounds kinda like marriage!
clear visual
  • deep ruby centre
  • pale cherry/slight brickish rim
  • big, heavy legs indicating high alcohol (13.5%+)

clean nose; moderate+ intense bouquet of

  • deep black fruit
  • wild grass & a touch of garide (savory herb)
  • sweet baie rouge
  • well rounded oak
  • meat

clean palate; 0 dryness, moderate acids, moderate++ tannin, moderately intense notes of

  • apple pips (the oaking)
  • touch of iron (once again - the meatiness of it)
  • some yet rich black fruit (deepest plum, some blackberry, some late saskatoon)
  • chalky terroir

This is a wonderfully balanced red, entering (IMHO) the prime of it's life. In human terms, this wine would be 26 years old - old enough to have some sophistication and yet young enough that we can still see lots of room for development. I think this will cellar well for years, and yet it seems to be losing none of the richness of the fruit. The tannins are full, yet smoothing down enough to sit and enjoy with or without food. All in all, an excellent wine!

2005 Desert Hills "Mirage", Black Sage Bench, BC **BUY THIS @ $35**

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