Friday, April 16, 2010

lesser known German varietal

I'm not talking about Faust, Geothe or Ludwig... this is another German - much less known. This is Muller-Thurgau!
This is a varietal created in the late 1800's (1889) in Germany by Dr. Muller (are you listening Dad? Doctors and wine go together - lol) and has been incredibly popular with winemakers there since then. Muller-Thurgau was created to combine the vast flavor profile of Reisling and an earlier ripening with large yield. This varietal does not generally age well, is blended into economical German wines, and is an easier way for winemakers to make a consistently fast return on their investment.
clear visual
  • ultra pale with the barest hint of meyer lemon yellow

clean nose; light notes of

  • dusty minerality
  • stonefruit, cherry & pear
  • very clear nose makes me think stainless steel - no oaking

clean palate; 1 dryness, moderate+ acid (bright and crisp), moderate- intense flavors of

  • lemon/lime citrus with grapefruit on the finish
  • light minerality
  • some soft wild flowers

light+body, light+alcohol (10.5%) and a decent length on the palate of 7-10 seconds

This is a wonderful expression of Muller-Thurgau. It's crisp and clean, with well-balanced acids and alot of fresh citrus fruit. This is a wonderful way to start and evening, or just to relax on the patio on a warm Spring afternoon.

2008 Montinoire Estate Muller-Thurgau, Williamette Valley (Oregon)

**excellent @ $20**

made with Organic grapes by the Marchesi family

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