Sunday, April 18, 2010

Port in the Spring?

Spring... the mid-day feels so much like Summer with the sunshine on your face and temperatures approaching the 20's. It's a great time to pull the white wines out of the cellar/closet/cupboard, and put them one or two at a time into the fridge, then onto the backyard table with some cheese, sausage & olives.

But then the sun dips away, the temperatures drop and for me - it's time for a glass of port and a slow fire, my beautiful wife, and a book (or no book once the port kicks in).


clean visual
  • moderately intense pale orange-brick
  • no rim - the wine is orange-brick straight through to the centre
  • immense legs, of course, as the alcohol will be over 18%

clean nose; fully intense notes

  • raisin-y dried fruit compote
  • candied toasted almonds
  • I've heard this discribed as "baked earth" terroir

clean palate; 2 dryness, moderate+acids, moderate++ tannins, fully intense flavors

  • the same as the nose - even stronger
  • deep flavors of raisins - like a raisin compote
  • perhaps some dried apple as well (think Gala or Royal Gala)
  • the oak the oak! soft & subtle, but a constant note from beginning to end
  • the candied toasted almonds again

full bodied, full++ alcohol @ 20%, excellent length on the palate at over 10 seconds

I'm going to try something new and try this chilled later as it is so good, and the Warre's family says chilled port is a beautiful apertif. I honestly believe this still has many years left in it, and would love to buy a case and taste a bottle every 12 months to watch the progression... as you may well know - try it in the evening after dinner with a wedge of Stilton cheese (or Roquefort). I even think a savory cannoli would be sublime with it!

2009 Warre's "Otima" 10 year tawny port (Portugal) **excellent buy @ $30**

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