Tuesday, April 13, 2010

unknown BC Merlot

Every so often I get a wine passed to me and it's really a wonderful surprise!

So a buddy of mine starts talking to me about a new winery in his portfolio, from up in the Similkameen Valley (southern BC) - Barcello Canyon. I tasted the completely undervalued merlot and became a Believer.


clear visual
  • deep garnet centre
  • slight strawberry/cherry rim indicating little age
  • long slow strong legs indicating high alcohol

clean nose, moderately++ intense notes of

  • funky barnyard
  • baies rouges (red berries)
  • hot alcohol, which should smooth down a bit over time but isn't overpowering

clean palate, moderate acid, moderate+ tannin, moderate intense notes of

  • baies rouges
  • moderate oaking
  • light chalky gravel
  • still hot on the alcohol

moderate body, as stated - high alcohol @ 14%, full palate

I find this a truly enjoyable red, either with food or on it's own... acids and tannins are well constructed and well balanced. There is enough flavor to enjoy with a variety of foods, from a venison burger to blue cheese, or a traditional pasta with italian sausage (not spicy or the alcohol will seem even hotter).

2007 Barcello Canyon Merlot, BC **buy this @ $22 and be pleasantly surprised**

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