Sunday, April 18, 2010

Prospect Pinot Noir

I really like a good Pinot Noir. Heck - I'm such a Pinot fan that I even love them if they are just "decent", hence the next review.


clean visual
  • pale pale garnet centre
  • barest smidge of a cherry rim indicating little age
  • moderate legs - moderate alcohol

clean nose

  • touch of the oak? 6 months or less?
  • strawberry & light cherry
  • modest terroir

clean palate, 0 dryness, moderate+ acids, moderate tannin, moderately intense flavors

  • is this what they (other reviews) mean by "green fruit"?
  • light strawberry & cherry
  • a hint of floral & terroir

moderate- body, moderate alcohol & decent length on the palate

This is Not My Pinot.

I find it a touch unbalanced, and almost young Grenacha like in it's heavy handed acids. The fruit flavor is not bad, but the greenness gets in the way of the baies rouges. Granted, this is an "entry-level" Pinot Noir, but I would rather spend another $10 and get the Vista D'Oro 2009 or 2007. Sorry guys - it's not bad for the money, but, not great.

2008 Prospect Pinot Noir (by Mission Hill, West Kelowna, BC) $18

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