Saturday, April 10, 2010

wines in CUBA

in Cuba?
yes yes, it does occur. I know that lots of people will tell you that there is no wine in Cuba, but they are wrong! Not only does Cuba import world-class wines from South America, Australia & Spain, but they are also starting to make their own... an Italian company has a co-venture with the Cuban government and I for one look forward to tasting their first cuvee.
My wife and I got back from Cuba Sunday last, and my apologies for taking almost another week to write about it. I did taste (2) great wines that I might not have otherwise, but of course I also tasted some of the best rums in the world. Look for rum tasting notes to follow another day - I was too busy drinking rum to make tasting notes. :>
clear visual, very pale yellow with a watery rim
clean nose with lots of minerality
ultra-clean palate, crisp acids, moderate alcohol, moderate++ intense notes of minerality and under-ripe apple
this was a wine made for seafood: oysters, lobster, steamed clams. It was rich and not overwhelming, it was crisp but not harsh - it was a great wine.
2005 Pazo Pondal, Albarino, Rias Biaxas origen **buy this @ $12 CAN !!
clear visual, full- intense honey gold centre
clean nose, moderately intense notes of oak, apple, vanilla
clean palate, moderate acids, moderate+ intense notes of apple/pear, vanilla, rock candy, light floral
luxurious wine with deep flavors that lasted long on the palate. Bouquet that developed over time as much as the palate did. Phenomonal with broiled and grilled fish or poultry, especially when garlic and savory herbs are included in moderation.
2005 Marques de Concha, Chardonnay, Chile **buy this @ $15 CAN !!
So, we only had (2) wines and both truly a bit decadent. Also both under $20 CAN which is nothing for us, but a month's wage for most Cubans... which is why you won't see alot of wine in Cuba even though they have over 200 certified sommeliers.
It's a crazy world folks.

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