Thursday, February 4, 2010

happy Gruner!

A very good day to all, and happy Gruner!
Gruner is a very neat varietal... not the least reason being that it tastes very minerally (my own word). You all know that I've been grappling with the ability to "taste minerality" or more appropriately "describe a taste in wines as being mineral". So where better to go, than one of the epitomes of minerality.
A luscious grape, primarily from Austria & Czech (where it is 11% of all grapes grown for wine-making it the second highest)... apparently it has beaten world class Chardonnays in blind tastings! Very cool indeed, especially when one considers that it is almost unknown & rarely planted. Check out wikopedia - it tells a bit more.

clear visual, moderately intense of pale lemon

clean nose, moderate- intensity of dust, chalk, mild summer flowers (think dandelions), green grapes

00 dryness, full- acid, 0 tannin, moderate+ intensity in the flavors; chalk, gravel, granite, really under ripe stone-fruit (peaches, nectarines), honey, even a touch of petrol (or am I just over-tired?)

moderate body

moderate alcohol (11.5% but it tastes like 12+%)

full length of palate going 10 seconds and longer

So what a beautiful wine! I would serve it with mildly roasted chicken or pork (no heavy grilling), sauteed prawns & scallops, soft cheeses like boursin... it was truly a pleasure to drink it, and I feel like I spent $30 wisely.

Thank you again Marquis Wine Cellar!
Cin-cin & slainte!!

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