Thursday, February 18, 2010

soft & lushous SHIRAZ (I mean Syrah)

I was wondering if this wine needed a little decanting, or time with the bottle open, and so asked a friend who had drunk this wine before. He responded "open the bottle, have a few drinks, then you'll know how long it needs to breathe."

I love my homework!

-clear visual, moderate+ intense colors of deep garnet in the centre with a light cherry rim

-clean nose, moderately intense notes of good barnyard, plum, tobacco & cedar

-0 to 00 dryness, light (to light+) acids, moderate+ tannins with moderate+ intense flavors of cherry, red currant, bourbonny-vanilla (demarking American oaking... I would give an uneducated guess at 6 months to a year), rich terroir and chalk, green woodsy cedar

-moderate+ body
-full alcohol (I guessed 13% but it was actually 14.5%)
-very good length at 7 to 11 seconds

A wonderfully rich wine to savor on it's own, as I'm doing as I watch Canada win gold in the Olympics, or with food. Try it with landjagger sausage, boursin cheese aux-fine-herbes, and grilled focaccia.

2006 Montes Alpha Syrah, Colchagua Valley, Chile $30

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