Thursday, February 25, 2010

a little treat in a bottle

Every once-in-awhile, I get a present in a bottle that is worth saving... more often than not though, it's a present worth drinking.

So I got one of those presents from a friend and colleague, Ian from Desert Hills. And may I say "Thank-you Ian", what Desert Hills is releasing this year will continue to re-affirm their reputation as a producer of some of the finest wines BC has to offer.


clear visual;
fully intense deep burgundy core with a slight cherry rim and strong legs

clean nose;
fully intense notes of tobacco, black berries (currant, saskatoon), rich plum, green herbaceousness, deep earthy notes from the terroir and a hint of wild exotic floral

clean palate;
0 dryness, moderate acids, full tannins, fully intense flavors of tobacco, leather, deep black fruit & berries, chalk and terroir, a touch of spice - notably black and white pepper

full body
full alcohol (14% but incredibly smooth)
excellent length at over 10 seconds

This is a huge, rich wine that deserves your time and special attention! Savor it. Relax. Start the fireplace, open the wine, crack a good book and give yourself some down time. I don't even think I'll share this with friends until I've tried it a few times... it's just that good.

If you must share it with friends over a meal, try it with a grilled ribeye steak of unsurpassed quality. Throw a little fresh rosemary on the coals before the steak goes on, but don't cover the steak with any sauce - just enjoy beautiful beef and a phenomenal wine.

2007 Desert Hills, Proprietor's Reserve Malbec **BUY THIS @$30**

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