Sunday, January 31, 2010

my oh my Meritage

no intro, let's get straight to the wine...


clear visual, full intensity, deep garnet

clean nose, full intensity; smoke, leather, light body cigars, les petits fruits rouges (little red fruit; meaning rich cherry, strawberry, and even a bit of blackberry)

0 dryness, mod+acid, mod++tannin; tasting of green tea, blackberries, green apple, something like cured meat

body is moderate+

alcohol is a bit hot at 13+%

length of palate is very good at 10 seconds++

Backyard Vineyards 2007 Meritage, Okanagan, BC $25

Well this was a rich tasting wine with lots of potential. As a novice I would say that since I let this breathe for over 30 minutes with little growth in the palate, it must need a few more years in the bottle to develop. It is also a wine that does best with food, not on its own. I would really like to try this in another year.

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