Monday, February 8, 2010

Grenache & Garnacha

So I don't know anything about Grenache, but it's my next lecture (tomorrow) and so I decided to get in some early tasting to discover more about this grape.

I found out that it's one of the most planted grapes in the world. It's used in my wife's favorite red-wine blend; the famous blends of Chateauneuf du-Pape (80% is Grenache). It is also used as the base for most Australian ports (which I love and adore). It is also apparently very low in tannins - which truly befuddles me as I got huge tannins from this!


clear visual, moderate+ intense color of light garnet

clean nose, moderate+ intense nose of plum, blackberry, leather, wild game, some ash or coals and a hint of clove

00 dryness, moderate+ acids, moderate++ or full- tannins, moderate+ intense flavors of cherry, strawberry, currants, huge spice & a light taste of leather (which I discovered is linked with the oaking of reds)

the body is moderate-
the alcohol is a HOT 14.5%
palate length is 6-10 seconds

It's a good wine but holy crap it's a heavy glass of wine on it's own. I would try it with something like the beef Bourguignon I made today with CAB ribeye steak.... big beefy flavors, herbs & richness. I would want something rich and creamy to balance the huge tannins & flavors.

note: this wine develops sophistication and finesse with decanting. I know - decant a Grenache? Well I tried it and this wine is so much more drinkable after an hour (of vacu-vin it and drink it the next day). The heat in the alcohol softens and the subtle nuances are more easily discernable



clear visual, full intense deep ruby color

clean nose, moderately intense nose of: overripe plums, hibiscus, red roses, vanilla, hay/straw

0 dryness, moderate-- acids, moderate+ tannins, moderately intense flavors of: strawberry, chalk, something peaty and heirloom tomatoes

moderate body
moderate+ alcohol (12.5%)
good length of 8-12 seconds

I thought this was an easy-drinking red - very approachable with soft flavors (relatively rich compared to the price).


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