Tuesday, February 16, 2010

what a wonder a breakthrough is !

have you ever tasted a red wine and tasted leathery notes? Well I've had my big breakthrough this week and discovered that this leathery note most often denotes oaking in Old World French Oak.

Yes sirree.

Well what about those notes of vanilla, caramelly-bourbon in a red wine? How about some American Oak?

Very cool to actually have the words - the vocabulary - to explain what I've been tasting for years... this is an exciting time we live in my friends! So many good wines, and so many wonderful people to share them with....

So here's a review of an incredibly well known German white:

clear visual, light intensity of pale straw with a slight golden rim

clean nose, moderate- intensity with notes of minerality, lemonbalm, mild vanilla

clean palate, 0 dryness, moderate+ acid, 0 tannin, notes of ripe pear, stonefruit (think Summerland apricots in August), a touch of grassiness

good body
light alcohol @ 8.5% (ice cider has more alcohol)
good length (7-10 seconds)

really rich flavor in this wine, completely contrasting with the stark mineral nose. I served it with sauteed fruit and vanilla frozen yogurt.

Dr L(oosen), 2007 Riesling, Germany $30

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