Sunday, June 13, 2010

Silk Scarf

Oh to find good wine... what a lucky man is he who discovers a new winemaker making wine in his or her own inimitable way. With joy. With passion. With the true love of the craft. How lucky to find that winemaker before your friends do, and then buy that wine for far far less then you know it deserves to be sold for!

I was so lucky, but then I blew it. I told everyone I knew about this brilliant winery in Summerland, BC: Silk Scarf. Their Pinot Noir? Lord in Heaven - one of the best I've ever had from BC.

But today is a day for Viognier. The sun soared over Vancouver with bright, fluffy little clouds skirting hither and thither. I made a fire in the outside fireplace, lit a Cohiba Esplendido, read a little and watched the world pass me by. Then my wife and I opened the Silk Scarf Viognier with a salade Nicoise and, for a moment, were at peace.

2008 Silk Scarf Viognier $23 **BUY THIS NOW**

  • full, absolutely full bouquet of melons, pineapple, guava, orchard fruit... giving way to soft rich florals like Tiger Lilies gone wild... layered, buttery. I wonder, can I buy a potpourri like this?

  • moderate++ acids are balanced by a buttery, 10% cream kind of texture, with layers of flavor: crisp pineapple open followed by the citrusy-lemony-grapefruity acids washing the palate. The come lush orchard fruit; I just bite into an Anjou pear, and then a compote of Gala apples, and now at the end I'm left with the barest whisper of that floral.

  • Time to drink it again.

Well we served it with a Salade Nicoise, but it has enough acid to balance it against butter poached seafood. I could serve it with Coquilles St Jacques, steamed spot prawns, the possibilities don't end. That's the relationship between wine and food that I adore: great wine inspires great food. And vice versa.

Cin-cin! Slainte!

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