Saturday, June 5, 2010


There is a place, in the low hills of Piedmonte, where the Barbaresco grapes make way for the "Wine of Kings, the King of Wines: Barolo"
Barolo actually has a madly erratic history... it used to be a sweet wine until the late 1800's when the winemakers in the region hired one of the best winemakers of the time from France. You see, Nebbiolo (the grape from which Barolo springs) is picked very late in the year - October. By the time winemakers are picking Barolo, the winemakers down the valley (about 150-200 meters down) are already bottling their Barbaresco! This means that the sugars haven't had a chance to ferment to dryness, meaning a sweet wine. In comes the Frenchman who figures out a way to ferment in the cellar, and voila - now a dry Barolo.
2004 Pio Cesare Barolo Ornato, Piedmonte, Italy $120
  • rich cherry/ruby centre with a pronounced rim of orange & brick
  • deep, unctuous bouquet starting with highlights of leather, baie rouges include cherries and plum, hillside flowers (irises predominate), chalky soil with notes of minerality
  • moderate acids, full tannins, full flavors starting with the baie rouges; red currants hit the palate quickly, followed by plums, the calcareous terroir comes in mid palate and stays and stays, evolving with the depth of the tannins from the oaking and the leather that oaking gives

Wow! What to say? This wine has received from 93 to 96 points from a plethora of wine gurus. It placed 6th in the top 100 wines of Italy for 2008. But the best part - the best? This wine hasn't peaked yet. Not even close... give it 5 years the revisit & be prepared to taste a glass of divinity.

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