Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Alamos, wines of Catena

Oh for one brief shining moment of Summer... and then it's here! Last night the rain cleared off about dinner time and, as we had friends over, we decided to light the outside fireplace and have a barbeque. Well one thing led to another and before we knew it, we had been outside for 5 hours and more then one bottle of wine.

But the first bottle of wine, the wine that started the beautiful evening was a lovely little chardonnay. Simple, easy drinking, and full of enough layers and structure that it was a pleasure to drink on its own or with some simple appetizers.

2008 Alamos Chardonnay $13 **excellent value**
Mendoza, Argentina

  • rich golden hues - think light amber

  • fully intense nose filled with pear, melon, slight minerality, vanilla from the oaking - which is significant but doesn't overwhelm the fruit (on the nose)

  • moderate++ acids kick off a young stonefruit palate, rife with lemony citrus notes. The oaking once again is quite evident, but as I love fume blanc, I love this wine. People who don't like oak should probably take a pass on this one.
     So - moderate 10% cream body, 13.5% alcohol that is warm on the palate, but in a pleasant way. Good structure for $13 - actually I take that back. EXCELLENT structure for $13! I just tasted a room full of $20 wines that didn't have this kind of craftsmanship. It's a shame that the oak hides the fruit a bit on the palate, but - like I said - if you like a fume blanc....

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