Saturday, March 6, 2010

wine tasting # 70

I made this tasting note after my Sommelier class on Wednessday, March 03rd... I went to Uva Wine Bar, to have my friend and colleague Sebastian LeGoff pour me a little something special and then go through my notes with me.
It was to be the 70th wine I had tasted and made notes on in about 60 days, and I must admit, there have been times when I got a little sick of tasting wines and just wanted to go back to drinking them (if you know what I mean). But -
But then something really wonderful happened. Sebastian was busy and so a young lady behind the bar agreed to pour me something blind, and this was what I wrote:


clear visual: pale strawberry centre with slightly brickish rim suggesting some age and moderate
legs suggesting moderate alcohol (12-13%)

clean nose: moderate+ intense notes of
  • chalky terroir
  • leather (French oak)
  • red berries
  • hot alcohol and spice
  • woodsy/cedar
  • floral notes

clean palate: 0 or even 00 dryness, full- acid, full tannins, fully intense notes of

  • chalky terroir
  • red berries
  • leather (French oak)
  • hints of mushroom

moderate body

moderate alcohol

excellent length of well over 10 seconds!

My guess was a 2004-2005 Barolo. It just felt like it - tasted like it.

2005 Renato Fenocchio, Langhe Nebbiolo $18/glass and worth every penny

**Buy this if you can find the bottle - you will thank me for this

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