Saturday, March 6, 2010


So what the heck is Chinon?

Chinon is a little AOC in France in Touraine... it is also a very small town of about 10,000 by the same name. The AOC produces mainly Cabernet Franc (known locally as Cabernet Bretton) which is allowed to be blended with up to 10% Cab Sauv.

Apparently, these Chinon reds can cellar up to 10 years and have the potential for greatness!


clear visual: pale ruby centre with orangish/brick rim and medium legs

clean nose: moderate+ to full- intense notes of
  • leather(French oak)
  • barnyard(in a good way)
  • black fruit & dark berries
  • terroir (minerality)
  • hot alcohol
  • spice (I call it Asian 5-spice, they call it anise-same thing in my mind)

clean palate: 0 dryness, moderate+ acid, full tannins, moderate+ intense flavors of

  • plum
  • leather (French oak)
  • dark chocolate
  • rich cherry
  • chalk/granite

moderate+ body

moderate+ alcohol (12.5%)

good length on the palate (7 to 11 seconds)

Domaine Fabrice Gasnier, "Les Graves" Chinon, France, $25

Thyra & I really enjoyed this wine with its rich robust flavors and deep tannins. I think it's best with food but then again, we did end up finishing it watching a movie - with nothing but popcorn.

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