Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sauvignon again

so I jump from one extreme to the other (more-or-less).

There is a winemaker in BC who produces very drinkable wines at a ridiculously low price (for BC) - around $10 a bottle. Ok, maybe they aren't the most interesting wines you'll ever drink, but they are well constructed (for the price) and very true to varietal type.


clear visual
  • ultra pale straw notes

clean nose, moderately intense notes of

  • vanilla
  • straw
  • lemon

clean palate, 0 dryness, moderate++ acid, 0 tannin, moderately intense flavors of

  • lemon
  • green apple
  • barest hint of vanilla

moderate body, moderate alcohol (12.5%), decent length

This is the wine you buy for your 20 year old sibling. This is the wine when 20 people come over for a bbq. This is your decent BC table wine. It doesn't try to be more, and does a great job at it. The difference in $10 between this and Monkey Bay is all the difference in the world - but you don't want to spend $20 all the time. The vanilla in this, by-the-way, I'm certain comes from the American oak chips they use.

non-vintage, Copper Moon, Sauvignon Blanc, BC **wow deal at $9.50**

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  1. Not BC grapes, not at all. Read the fine print on the Copper Moon label " made from imported and domestic grapes".
    Oh, and moonlight harvest? Probably not.