Saturday, March 20, 2010

a proper Schooling!

So many of you know that Sebastian LeGoff (sommelier at UVA wine bar) is helping me with my homework... he does a blind tasting for me and then reviews my notes. Nice guy heh?

Well last week I did a went in and blindtasted (and correctly guessed) a 2004 Nebbiolo. This week I had my a$$ schooled by the master: blind tasted 3 wines and didn't get a one of them.

But they were great wines!


clear visual:
  • deep ruby centre with slight brickish rim indicative of age (2006?)
  • big legs indicative of high alcohol (13-14.5%)

clean nose: fully intense notes

  • violets and irises
  • plums
  • irony terroir
  • gameyness

clean palate: 0 dryness, moderate++ acid, moderate++ tannin, fully intense notes

  • mega floral violets
  • herbaciousness (garide)
  • deep iron earth
  • honeyed almonds

light+ to moderate body, moderate alcohol, very good length

I thought this was a Southern Rhone Grenache - but as Sebastian said "no white pepper - no grenache". It would not be the last time I make that mistake.

2003 Tormaresca "Bocca di Lupo" (aglianico)



clear visual

  • moderately intense garnet centre
  • pale strawberry rim (very light age:2007? & probably pale skin grape)
  • moderate legs - moderate alcohol (11-13%)

clean nose: moderately intense notes

  • rubber
  • earth & minerality
  • vanilla (american oak?)
  • a certain gamey meatiness

clean palate: 0 dryness, full- acid, moderate+ acid, moderate+ tannin, fully intense notes of

  • blackberry and black currant
  • old school black licorice
  • tomato paste

light body, moderate alcohol, very good length

I thought this was a crisp & bright, easy drinking wine... my guess was Sangiovese but in reality it was.... dah da da da !

2008 Desert Hills Gamay Noir, Black Sage Bench (BC)



clean visual:

  • moderately pale garnet centre
  • strawberry-cherry rim (still young - 2008?)
  • moderate legs (alcohol 12-14%)

clean nose: moderate+ intense notes

  • curiously funky nose!
  • barnyard
  • tar
  • cedar - what the heck is this?

clean palate: 0 dryness, moderate+ acid, moderate+ tannin, moderately intense notes

  • extremely fruit driven
  • bright cherry and rhubarb
  • light tea notes

moderate+ body, moderate alcohol, uberly long length

I had no idea what this was... not a clue. The best I could deduce was that it was a cold climate wine, and probably New World.... that's it - it was screwy.

2007 Red Rooster Merlot, Naramata Bench, BC

And so - no matter how much you learn, there is always more.

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