Thursday, January 28, 2010


Did you know that Gewurztraminer actually used to be an Italian varietal??? Who'ld a thunk it?

These days Gewurz is grown most notably in Germany, Alsace (France), California, New York State and BC to name just a few locales... I love Alsatian Gewurz, and Russian River Valley (California), but one of my favorite places for value for money is BC. Herein lies my dissection of a value-priced BC wine.


clear visual, light intensity; pale straw

clean nose, moderate+ intensity; roses, lush stonefruit, honey, light grassy nose, a bit of kerosine

01 sweetness, mod++acid, 0 tannin; flavors of honeysuckle, peaches & apricots, rose water, minerality such as granite, a touch of green apple

body is moderate++

alcohol is moderate+ (13%)

length on the palate is moderate to full (7 to 10 seconds)

Backyards Vineyards, 2008 Gewurztraminer (Okanagan Valley, BC) $15

Some really lovely bouquet, but the flavor is somewhat over-the-top with the acids right now. Drinks better 20 minutes out of the fridge, as thats when the aromas really start going. I actually had this with a Quebecois style pea soup, which while not traditional, brought out lovely characteristics in both - probably because of the ham. A roast ham would work with this, as well as lighter spiced roasted chicken or pork... try maple & bacon wrapped pork loin!

Cin-cin! Slainte!

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