Friday, January 15, 2010

headcolds don't make for good tastings

So after taking care of my beautiful wife while she was sick, this week I came down with the flu myself. Too sick to attend Wednesday evening class, I am making due with learning theory.

Wine has such an immense history that I'm certain I'll be reading about it for the rest of my life. After we learn the history though, we learn what the difference is between TASTING wine and DRINKING wine.

To taste a wine is to try and discern the characteristics that make it what it is (aroma, flavor, acidity, color, etc).

To drink a wine is to succumb to those characteristics.

I realize now that I have tasted few wines, and succumbed to many and truth be told I plan to succumb to many more...


(1) the nose (most important) *what do I smell?

(2) the taste *acid level? tannin level? dry or sweet? alcohol level? what flavors come through? how long is the flavor?

(3) the color *is it clear? what color is it (can determine age)?

And so I will continue reading theory tonight, sipping on Limonbaci, succumbing just a little.

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