Monday, January 25, 2010

Muscadet Today!

what is minerality in wine?

yes, still the same question, and now I know how to answer it... it is like the difference between Evian water and tap water. Easy. But how to re-enforce that tasting perception in wine? Well those craazzyy guys @ Marquis Wine Cellar put me onto Muscadet, and so - we Muscadet Today.

visual is clear; pale straw with hints of lemon

nose is clean, moderate intensity; dust, granite, some honeysuckle and mild lemon

palate is very dry (00), moderate+acid, 0 tannin; granite, dust, meyer lemon, grapefruit, underripe green grapes

moderate body, moderate+ alcohol (12%), long length (10 seconds+)

Muscadet 2005 "Domaine L'Ecu" (France) $25

A bright, crisp, clean wine. Very well balanced and high enough in acids (think young riesling) that you might want it at the beginning of the meal as an appertif to open the palate, or the middle of a long meal as a palate cleanser. With a simple meal (1 course) I would probably serve a herbaceous roast chicken (rosemary, thyme, garlic), or something sinfully rich like coq-au-win. I imagine that a traditional sommelier would want to serve it with fish, perhaps sole Veronique (with olives) or even a 1990's-style cedar-planked salmon.

Cin-cin! Slainte!

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