Tuesday, January 26, 2010

pain in my Neck?

well well...

New owners have taken over the "Neck of the Woods" winery (Okanagan, BC) and I was able to taste their 2006 Merlot today.

clear visual, moderate intense; light garnet

clean smell, full intensity; barnyard smells (yes I know that sounds a bit gross, but it's just individual taste and I actually like it), Russian tea, leather, dark chocolate, over-ripe plums

00 dryness, moderate++ acid, moderate+ tannin; green cherries, leather, mushrooms, dark chocolate

moderate- body

moderate+ alcohol (almost 13%)

decent length (6 seconds+)

Neck of the Woods, 2006 Merlot, $10

So I would say that either I tasted an off bottle (it didn't taste corked) or this wine is poorly balanced... the acids are overbearing and in my mind spoil the nuances that come accross so well in the nose. There were alot of tannins, which to me mean that someone built this wine to last, but if it's like this after 3 years I honestly don't know how much potential there is for it.

This wine used to be $17, and has been reduced to $10. Even at that price, I won't be buying it.

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