Thursday, September 30, 2010

ZAYA Gran Reserva, 12 year rum, Trinidad

Autumn, for me, is a man's time in the world and I mean that in the most sincere and genuine way!

     The weather turns to a bit of chill, and the last amber sunshine burns brightly in the background as crisp winds rip across English Bay and put a nip in the air. It's a perfect time to pull the old Clan Aran knit, take a cigar and the hip-flask and go for a stroll down by the water. It's a time for a man to reconnect with old friends before the hecticness of Christmas, or some much deserved "me" time after too many barbeques and family vacations during the summer. Hiking boots, a well worn sweater, a good cigar and a few hours of peaceful solitude.

     What better pairing then a good rum? And what better rum then Zaya 12-year Gran Reserva from Trinidad? Zaya is distilled by Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala, the same company that distills Ron Zacapa and Ron Botran, and is owned by . The company has an impressive array of boutique spirits, and Zaya won gold at the Ministry of Rum competition in 2009 and double-gold at the San Francisco Spirit Competition of 2007. Impressive awards for a more then worthy contender.

Zaya 12-year Gran Reserva, Trinidad
$90 CAN (Alberta, not available in BC)
$30 US (California, up to $40 on the East Coast)

  • pale orange-gold color with caramel

  • fully intense bouquet starting with cedar and butterscotch/caramels, pure vanilla, exotic florals, hints almost of grilled pineapple

  • fully intense palate, mimicking well the nose; molasses notes certainly dominate the early and mid-palate... turns to more of the vanilla, caramel, toasted almond & exotic florals still there at the end

     A beautiful rum to think about life with, this will evolve on your palate depending on what you're doing... sit by a fire and the smoky/peaty notes will come forward. Smoke a Cohiba and the 12 years in oak (after being distilled 5 times) will be well showcased. Walk along English Bay and the seasalt spray will make you glad you've a flask full of warmth!

     Make time to smell the rum.


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