Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Luigi Bosca Reserva Syrah, Argentina

What is Rhone style wine? I tell you honestly, until only a week ago I really had no idea what it was.

     Today is a different story. Upon tasting the Gigondas, and comparing it to my recent excursions into Chateau de Beaucastel Chateauneuf-du-Pape, I am rapidly coming up to speed on the flavor profile of Rhone style reds.

     Imagine my utter surprise then upon opening a bottle of Argentinian Syrah and smelling leathery oak, bloody gamey meat, deep black & red baie rouges (especially red and black raspberry) and a lingering hint of garrigue (bay leaves & wild thyme). It is the first time I've ever had such depth from an Argentinian Syrah and all I can say is: "I want more."

2007 Reserva Syrah from Luigi Bosca, Argentina
14.5%, $25 approximately in Alberta - not available in BC **EXCELLENT VALUE**
  • deep plumy garnet center with marked brickish rim
  • moderate++ to fully intense nose; notes above
  • moderate+acids, moderate+(+) tannins, moderate+ intense flavors very in-line with the nose with the marked appearance of lilies and irises; a distinct floral hit on the palate
  • moderate body, moderate+ hot alcohol, very good structure and good balance
A great find, even if it was my father who found it and gave me a bottle (*grin*). If it was available in BC, it would be about $32-$35 and even at that price, still (IMHO) a great value. This to me immediately brings to mind the fines vintages of Gigondas (most likely as I was drinking it only yesterday)... rich and full of flavor and punch, perhaps it lacks a little in finesse, especially at the end of the palate - this wine is also only 3-4 years old and could easily age another 4-6 years I believe.

Drink with pasta bolognaise (as I'm doing right now to marvellous success), braised lamb shank or beef short ribs.

Cin-Cin! Slainte!

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