Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ramon Allones Cigars, Exclusivo Asia Pacifico

Yet again I found myself on 4th avenue, making my way from Kitsilano to my distant home of Maple Ridge... of course I knew I was going to be driving that way, so of course I brought my humidor and a few questions so I could stop by City Cigars ( ).

     A momentary interruption of my ramble to say a thing or two about customer service: thing#1, customer service is not an option. If you are in business, then it is to serve people in some way, shape or form. It then behooves you to serve in a genuine manner... but that's just like saying that common manners should be common, isn't it?

     But they aren't. And neither is customer service.

     Hence my willingness - nay - eagerness to stop at City Cigars and spend $30 on a beautiful cigar as a little treat to myself (yes, I have been treating myself alot lately, but I've been very good). The staff here are genuine. Genuinely passionate about cigars. Genuinely friendly (I can spot the fakes - so can you). Genuinely decent folks. Thanks for being a bright spot on my commute home (which in rush hour needs all the friendly influences possible).

     So yes, back to the story, these nice people fixed my humidor, answered my questions, and then steered me onto a cigar I had never tried before: the Ramon Allones Exclusivo Asia Pacifico. Brilliant cigar, it was a fun 30 minutes as the flavors developed, and made me write some notes for my next trip to Cuba.

Ramon Allones Exclusivo Asia Pacifico, CUBA
$29 CAD, Great Value
  • structure:  very well constructed, it has a very even burn with fine white ash that will fly into your face in you're driving fast and have the windows down. Plan to smoke this on your porch.
  • aromas:   I almost thought I was smoking a pipe - it was so fragrant. Even my wife would have approved (or so I tell myself)
  • flavors:    a fully intense cigar, I found myself thinking of what the consultant at the cigar shop said "A great coffee cigar". Sir, I choose to disagree! Or rather, let me agree in part - but later. This cigar has an immediate spiciness that is distinct. I've read other reviews and many point to a particular "pepperiness", but I would rather characterize it as "spicy pepper". Anyone who has tried the Lindt dark chocolate with spicy peppers knows what I mean. As well, I found a great backbone of dried berries like blueberries, blackberries and a touch of Saskatoons (for those who know what I mean). End of palate notes definitely included wood, though I admit to not knowing what kind it is... cedar certainly, but I think a little something else as well.
  • PAIRS WITH:  Coffee, yes, I agree. But that's only part of the picture. This is a richly nuanced cigar with a fully intense flavor, and a dark espresso will play off the wood notes and the dark chocolate flavors (*and aromas) that abounded. But what about the spice? Heavy alcohol will make that spice overwhelm the palate, but a little sugar? Consider then a good port and espresso. Then you play off the berry notes, the dark chocolate, the wood, the spice... I would also consider an aged Gran Marnier Cognac (18 years or older) which will accomplish many of the same things but in a different manner.
     A truly well made, very well made, cigar for which I am grateful to City Cigar for recommending. A caveat though... the roll I found to be much looser then I'm used to. Take a gentle approach to smoking this, as it requires very little effort after some of the incredibly tightly rolled cigars out there. I smoked mine down to the last 1" and savored every moment, as indeed, we should savor every moment.



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  2. My pleasure Khalil... I'm glad you found the information useful~! Please let me know your thoughts on this cigar when you get around to smoking one.