Sunday, November 9, 2014

BC Uncorked: a gathering of greatness

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What compels a man to tear himself away from his family at the end of a long work week? Well in this case the man in question is John Gerum; a lover, a most ardent fan, of BC wine and the evening in question is "BC Uncorked: the Art of Food and Wine".

Ok. That could get me out of the house on a Saturday night as well.

But John is more then just a devotee to the oenological adventures of BC winemakers; he's their cheerleader as well. For this event is his brainchild and has been gathering groups of grape-lovers to the furthest side of the GVRD (Greater Vancouver Regional District) for going on 6 years now. And it's amazing!

Under the humble eaves of a high school come to gather some of the finest winemakers in the province and, for those readers unfamiliar with British Columbia viticulture, that's an impressive line-up. It's a funny kind of system that the residents of any particular region seldom truly know the adventurous pioneers working in their very midst and when it comes to wine this is most certainly a truism: BC winemakers are crafting greatness.

Are some of the prestigious competitions where BC has garnered respect in 2014, to name a few - many thanks to Wine BC! (

 And here in the town of Port Moody, nestled against the base of the mountains and sitting squarely in the rain-shadow, these champions come to gather. With a kind of Zen tranquility they set-up their tables; pulling bottles of chilled Chardonnay from thermal-bags and cases of Pinot Noir and Bordeaux-styled blends from their trolleys. The room begins to hum as the crowd tries to appear patient with the rows and rows of bottles being arrayed just beyond reach.

Then the chefs appear and all sense of patience quickly dissipates; barbequed ribs start glazing over hot coals, fresh truffled popcorn is tossed in caramel and seasalt, tart-shells are patiently filled with infused mousses and fresh fruit... like I said, what could possibly compel someone to leave their kids on a Saturday night?

But BC Uncorked is about more then just delighting one's senses with world-class wines and fine victuals. Have a listen to my interview with John Gerum and co-conspirator Steve on their decision to craft this "Ode to Art" into something with a deeper resonance:

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