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Robert Hall Syrah, Paso Robles, California

Robert Hall

No one could ever accuse Robert Hall of being anything less then incredibly business savvy. This is something to be desired when entering the sometimes overly artistic arena of wine-making!

   Winemaking is a business, and, an artistic one. I think from what I've read, that it is this point that Robert Hall understands full well... a diverse man, he has pursued an array of business ventures in his long life until, in the 1970's, he found himself in the Rhone valley in France.

Rhone Valley winery

   The Rhone valley has its' own magic, none can deny that. Robert however knew of a similar type of magic found in his own beloved USA, and returned to California with a new image of what he wanted to invest his time in. It didn't happen overnight, but in the early 1990's Robert and his wife had decided that Paso Robles in the county of San Luis Obispo, California, was going to be the place for them to live that dream. 1995 saw them purchase and build the "Home Ranch" and the two have entrenched themselves in the local community and the wine community ever since.

   As I said previously, winemaking is a business, and for some a profitable one. In 2010 Robert Hall was awarded the much desired Golden State Winery of the Year award, winning out over 600 other wineries from California. His wines have won accolades throughout the state, the country and abroad. Robert is doing what so many would like to do; he's pursuing his dream with a ruthless enthusiasm that is nothing less then inspirational.

2006 Robert Hall Syrah
Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo County, California, USA
  • visual:   clean; deep plum garnet core with brick-dark cherry rim
  • nose:   clean; moderate+ intense and developed aromas of blackberries, dark floral, black cherries, black currants, old worn leather, mild pencil shavings
  • palate:   clean; dry, moderate+ (young raspberry) acids, mild (soft silty) tannins, moderate ABV, moderate- body, moderately intense developed flavors; mimicking the nose well with a hint of dark cocoa. Good balance, very good to excellent structure, very good finish.
  • conclusion:   wine is drinking well now with a minimum one hour decant. Drink 2011 to mid 2012, but certainly is starting to lose some of it's concentration
  • PAIRINGS:   high acids call for fat! I would love a smoked pork loin wrapped in bacon and oven roast - smoked to play off the dark floral and dark berry, pork because it's only moderate concentration of flavors, bacon fat balances the acids. Also consider pate or just a really good Ploughman's Lunch of meat, cheese, egg, and branston pickle!

   The Paso Robles appellation is a dream: stony soil that drains well, hot days and cool evening breezes coming in off the Pacific Ocean. Grapes here develop amazing concentration and reflect the nature of the land they come from. Robert Hall has done well with pursuing his dream, and finding the technical talent to make that dream a welcome reality.

view from "Home Ranch"

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