Friday, February 25, 2011

Rocky Patel "1990" Vintage Cigar

A celebration.

No matter what sense the word is used in, whether it be to "observe a day or commemorate an event" or "to make known publicly or proclaim" or even "to praise widely...", yesterday was a celebration for me. (many thanks to )

I saw the first photos of my daughter, Clare Elizabeth, still in her momma's tummy and it - she - was beautiful. I say it because the moment itself was as beautiful as my daughter is. And both beauties (my wife and daughter) are worthy of celebration.

Rocky enjoying his handiwork

But how does a chef/sommelier-in-training celebrate? Well much like any man, I imagine: a good friend, a good cigar and a good drink. The friend was a fellow wine-geek, the cigar was Rocky Patel 1990 Vintage and the drink was a 30-year sherry. Well, perhaps I don't celebrate like every other man - but there must be one or two with good taste.

Rocky Patel 1990 Vintage cigar was also created to celebrate an event: celebration of Rocky's vision and passion for excellence as realized in the Rocky Patel label and Rocky's first cigar bearing his name. Pretty cool stuff that - a man finally having something that really is his creation, his labor of love. I realize though, that if my wife (Mrs AStudentofWine) is reading this, she will be scoffing at any notion that puts the words "man" and "labor" together .

Rocky Patel 1990 Vintage
$12 USD, $35 CAD
wrapper: Honduran broadleaf, 12 years old
binder: Nicaragua
filler:  Nicaraguan and Dominican
  • visual:   visually stunning: perfect construction with dark chestnut brown exterior. Flawless burn, absolutely even and holds firm forever
  • nose:   moderate+ to fully intense notes of chestnut, oak, light leather, toasted almonds, the usual RP coffee notes of dark espresso... definitely also developed as the cigar burnt
  • palate:   moderate+ intense and fully developed, this is one of the most beautiful cigars of my life. I still remember the first time I smoked one two years ago and remember the day (it was that good). Palate mimiks the nose - enjoy the development of flavors. Extremely well balanced, this cigar doesn't need a drink to go with it and can be enjoyed solo. Brilliant structure and incredibly long length on the palate
  • conclusion: One of the best cigars I've ever had. I will always consider the 1990 Vintage to be worthy of celebration
  • PAIRINGS:   consider a well aged Armagnac or Scotch-Whisky... the peaty-smoky characteristics will play well off the cigars' deep coffee/nutty flavors
As always I appreciate and welcome your comments!

CINCIN~!!!     SLAINTE~!!!     CHEERS~!!!


  1. The Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 that Corona Chris gave us to smoke was a great looking box-pressed Churchill. The burn of the smoke is clean and crisp all the way through.

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  2. I very much enjoyed this cigar and it was definitely one of my favorites from Rocky Patel. The cigar is good constructed, and it packs lots of tobacco in the filler.