Monday, July 19, 2010

Benjamin Malbec, Argentina

At this time I will quote directly from another website; the Argentina Wine Guide which says "There isn't anything very complicated happening in this malbec".

Wow. That's about the size of it.

I just spent another hour researching what Argentinian ex-pats think of the wine they get here, and what wine they bring back to Canada or the US when they go home. Categorically it's not Benjamin ( ). A decent enough wine, it certainly doesn't offend, but really it's just a "middle of the afternoon sipping wine" - but with my 20 year old brother, not one of my wine-friends.

2009 Benjamin Nieto Senetiner Malbec
13.5%, $17 (at speciality wines stores - $15 at ) **hamburger wine**
  • moderate nose of ripe red berries and oak
  • moderate- acids, moderate+ tannins (a little gravelly), moderate intense palate - with red berries, oak, leather, touch of dark chocolate
  • moderate- body, moderate+ alcohol (its a bit hot), light structure
Well, not much else to say. If I bought it for $12 I would think it was decent value, but since I paid $17 I feel like I got ripped off a little. Do yourself a favor, if you want a cheap wine buy Copper Moon or Finca Los Primos, and if you want a decent bottle for under $20, choose any number of other wines.

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